Providing quality allied health and rehabilitation services to assist with recovery and restoring quality of life following a workplace injury, motor vehicle accident or significant illness.

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Our Purpose

At Healthex we deliver health and rehabilitation services that help people to return to their day-to-day activities integral to quality of life. Our expertise, experience and outcomes are prolific within personal injury schemes  Workers’ Compensation, Life Insurance and Compulsory Third Party (CTP).

Our Mission

To set a standard in healthcare where individuals receive only the treatment and services they need – and nothing more, where individuals have the confidence to take care of themselves and not feel dependent on others, and; where healthcare professionals work together to do nothing more than empower the individual to return to an enriched life.

Our Vision

A society where every Australian with illness or injury understands how to return themselves to health, gets access to the right support at the right time but, also has the self-efficacy and skill-mastery to take ownership of their recovery.

Our Values


Quality of Life

We understand that social, recreational, self-care and occupational activities are the cornerstone of an individual’s quality of life. We see it as our primary responsibility to help the individual to return to life.

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The potential for health should sit in the hands of the individual and not in the hands of the health professional. We make every effort to empower the individual through education, reassurance and bespoke support.



Achieving outcomes is a primary focus of ours when delivering our services. We work collaboratively with the individual and other stakeholders to determine the most appropriate rehabilitation goals and then strive tirelessly towards them.

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We believe that collaboration is the foundation of optimal healthcare. We are extremely proactive in the delivery of our service and how we stay connected with the entire health and rehabilitation team.



We want to be the absolute best at what we do and make every effort to maintain an elite service. We are only human though, and mistakes happen, but if we make them we own them and learn from them.

Our Brands

Healthex group offers an array of community-based health and rehabilitation services.

Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation is a community-based service offering customised exercise interventions for individuals following injury or illness. Each intervention is delivered by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist in a one-on-one setting and appointments are held at local exercise facilities, the individual’s home or even other locations that allow for meaningful physical activity. These interventions help to improve the individual’s ability to perform day to day activities such as work, hobbies, social engagements and self-care.

This is a mobile service available in NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT, SA, NT and WA. 

Nationwide Service

WA Only Service

Paragon Physiotherapy is a mobile Physiotherapy service offering appointments at home, in the workplace or at one of our various clinic locations. Our Physiotherapists have an extensive understanding of occupational health and the service is ideal for individuals with acute through to persisting injuries. Treatments vary depending on the presentation but there is a strong focus on helping the individual to return to their pre-injury activities in the timeliest manner.

This is a mobile service available in WA only.

Custodian Workplace Assist is an accredited Workplace Rehabilitation Provider with WorkCover WA. Our consultants work collaboratively with other members of the rehabilitation team to help the individual to stay in or return to suitable work. Proactivity is the key to this service as there are so many health benefits of good work and we want to ensure that our clients remain in, or return to, good work at the earliest possible time.

This is a mobile service available in WA only.

WA Only Service

Why Us?

We would love to assist as many people as possible on their recovery journey. Here’s a few reasons why we think you should connect with one of our clinicians or consultants.



We offer a mobile, community-based service model for ultimate convenience. Our clinicians and consultants are located all around Australia.


Track Record of Success

We have been delivering health and rehabilitation services for over 20 years and are recipients of industry awards, such as ESSA Practice of the Year.


Industry Networks

We maintain strong working relationships with doctors, allied health, rehabilitation providers, employers and insurers and work collaboratively for the individual.


Active Approach

Physical activity is one of the key pillars of health. We look for the earliest possible opportunity to engage physical activity in the most appropriate manner.


Evidence Based

Our services are steeped in the latest scientific evidence and we continue to learn, so that we remain on the forefront of contemporary practice.


Outcome Focus and Accountability

Wellness and life outcomes are at the centre of our interventions and we hold ourselves to account for them, always trying to better them.

“At Healthex we seek to understand what recovery milestones are important and how to achieve them. We focus on interventions that include meaningful activities to ensure that the rehabilitation journey is engaging and inspiring as we aim to foster empowerment, not dependence”

J. McDonald, MD Healthex

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