COVID-19 Precautions

What we are doing about the Coronavirus situation to ensure we are keeping you and our staff safe


As a community, we are all aware of the concerns surrounding COVID-19. As an organisation and individuals, we are taking a rational, dynamic and considered approach to this situation. We assure you that the health and welfare of our clients and our staff is paramount.


Based on the ever-changing COVID-19 environment – particularly the negligible national community transmission rates and ongoing governmental recommendations, we have resumed face-to-face services, supplemented by Telehealth services where appropriate. Please note, all circumstances are being appraised on an individual basis dependent on a multitude of factors but, with health and safety as the priority.


For the cases whereby face-to-face services are being (re)engaged, an extensive triage and precautionary framework has been developed; this includes, but is not limited to:


• Appraisal of appropriate consultation-venue with necessity for social distancing practices throughout;

• Screening (of clients and staff) for any ill-health, particularly respiratory/ cold-like symptoms;

• Consideration of personal health and social circumstances and factors;

• Additional sanitary precautions including personal hygiene/ hand sanitisation and nil shared exercise-equipment;

• As advisable – re-engagement with, and approval from, necessary authorities including Medical Practitioner/s and/ or Insurer; and

• Unwavering adherence to Federal – as well as all State/ Territory, legislations and guidelines.


Throughout this challenging period, we endeavour to achieve absolute continuity with all services – irrespective of delivery-modality, and; will exhaust every means possible of intuition, imagination and determination to create bespoke, enjoyable and effective ongoing programmes.


We will change and update our approach as the need arises; please do not hesitate to ask us if you have questions or concerns about how we may adjust our services to suit your needs.